Planting for the Future Fundraiser

Trees and forests are an important resource, providing watershed protection, wildlife habitat, recreational opportunities, and protection for crops, soil and livestock. Currently about 815,000 acres – or 1.8 percent – of North Dakota’s total land area is forested, but about 70 percent of North Dakota’s forest land is privately owned. Planting for the Future’s goal is to work with industry, wildlife groups, and private landowners to create large-scale tree and shrub plantings on private land that will serve as habitat for future generations.

Last year, we planted 58,000 trees, and this year, we want to build on that success by planting another 30,000 trees. To do that, we need your help. Consider a donation to Planting for the Future and help us meet our goal of $70,000 to cover the complete cost of planting these trees.

Contributions large and small ensure this successful program can continue. Help us continue our efforts to build habitat in North Dakota by donating today!

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