Pick Up the Patch

From snowmelt to snowfall, the North Dakota Petroleum Foundation and industry members and employees team up with members of the community to help keep our communities and roadways clean with huge community-wide events, Adopt-a-Highway programs, or just by stopping to pick up trash as needed.

The program also encourages companies to create a “no-litter” culture by:

  • Including trash disposal in employee training.
  • Making a staff person responsible for cleaning work areas.
  • Reminding crew not to litter during daily briefings and include trash bags in company vehicles.
  • Taking part in statewide efforts like Adopt-A-Highway and Keep North Dakota Clean.
  • Working with local communities.

Launched in April 2012, the program has been a great success. We remain committed to helping keep our communities and roadways clean, and we urge you to join us.